Tax Collection by Lohariya Garam Panchayat


Central and State funds are available to Gram Panchayats for development of basic amenities in the village and not for maintenance of the developed amenities. Panchayat need to have their own fund for the maintenance of amenities like water sources, distribution systems, approach roads, gutter lines, etc. Most of the time Panchayats are either irregular in raising taxes, have many defaulters in the village, no mechanism to deal with the defaulters or at the most taxes levied itself are very less in amount. Lohariya Gram Panchayat initiated a campaign to recover taxes and improve on revenue generation of the Gram Panchayat.  



Gram Panchayat revenue was poor to maintain the existing infrastructure. This was because of poor systems of tax collection, no revisions in existing taxes, no introduction of user fees, etc. This was a routine agenda of discussion in the general meeting of Gram Panchayat. To improve on the systems, Gram Panchayat decided certain strategies, each ward members was given the responsibility of collecting tax in his / her ward, secondly, fees were introduced for two and four vehicles, revisions were made for the existing taxes and a new tax (gutter tax) was introduced. Initially, Talati was responsible for tax collection and was burdened with the work load, ward members facilitated Talati to reduce on his work load by taking the responsibility of tax collection, sensitizing citizens for the need of paying tax and at the same time making the system easily accessible to citizens for paying taxes.


The new system facilitated the Gram Panchayat to generate revene of Rs. 49,820/- per annual which initially was just Rs. 7880/- Financial year of 2011 – 2012 recorded 100% tax recovery.                                         


Each ward member is given the responsibility of collecting tax in his/ her ward


  • Gram Panchayat has right to collect tax and levy fees and generate own fund.
  • They don’t have to remaining dependable on external grants / funds for small work in the village.
  • Facilities are improved which improves standard of living of the citizens.
  • Citizen’s faith towards Gram Panchayat increases.


Established tax collection system may fail if the newly elected Gram Panchayat body will not have attitude to improve on the facilities for the citizens. 


Shree Dhirajlal Arjanbhai Parmar (Ex-sarpanch)

Lohariya gram panchayat, Ta. Anjar, District-Kutch, 97235 20320

Face book id :- D.a. Parmar (

Facilitator: Setu information centre, Khambhara, ta. Anjar


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